Who are we?

About us

Launched in 2009, Advocacy for Change in Africa is non-profit organization, and non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nigeria. The mission of Advocacy for Change in Africa is to create a world that actively seeks to protect the global climate in a way that promotes equity, social justice, sustainable development of people, and environmental protection.


The Advocacy for Change in Africa organization works on a wide variety of climate action initiatives at local, state, regional, and global levels, contributing to the global objective of decarbonization and climate resilience. The core activities of Advocacy for change in Africa are climate research and development, climate advocacy and campaigns, and capacity building.

Our Vision

As part of Africa’s sustainable development strategy, Advocacy for change in Africa aims to create an Africa where diversity of life and diversity of people live in harmony with nature. A continent where prosperity for people equals prosperity for nature.


Our Mission

The objective of the Advocacy for Change in Africa is to build regional institutional capacity in support of climate change adaptation in Nigeria as well as in Africa and new initiatives in the development of locally relevant solutions to mitigate climate change. The SPP’s programs and activities will support a regionally driven approach to climate, energy & resource efficiency challenges and promote economic development through the promotion of renewable energy, afforestation, monitoring of industries with high levels of climate violation and green job creation.

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talking about helping people and making our environment a better place for all.

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